Become a Member

Individual Member:

Member shall be those who are actively engaged in the profession or occupation ancillary to or connected there with.

  • Joining Fee Rs. 2,000/=
  • Annual Fee Rs. 10,000/=
  • Total Rs. 12,000/=
Life Individual Member:

He / She should be an Individual member of MAP. The Council will invite the active members for Life Membership.

Institutional Member:

Institutional Members shall be firms, companies associations, institutions or other bodies which may be admitted as such by the Council. The Member Institution shall nominate a representative and an alternate representative and only one of them shall be entitled to represent the institution at General Body and / or Council.

  • Joining Fee Rs. 20,000/=
  • Annual Fee Rs. 50,000/=
  • Total Rs. 70,000/=
Category A (less than 49 employees) 50,000/=
Category B (more than 50 employees) 100,000/=
Life Institutional Member:

It should be an Institutional member of MAP. The Council will invite the active members for Life Institutional Membership.

Student Members:

Student Membership shall also be open as a special case, as non-voting members, to students of marketing profession only for such period as they continue to be students. Academic reference is mandatory.

  • Joining Fees Rs. -
  • Annual Fee Rs. 5,000/=
  • Total Rs. 5,000/=
Honorary Members:

Persons prominent in the field of marketing and invited by the Council to become Honorary Members.

Bank details for Online Membership Deposit:
  • Title of Account - Marketing Association of Pakistan
  • Bank Name = United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Branch - Vault Branch – Saddar Karachi
  • Account # 0080-010-3798-6
  • IBAN # PK-21-UNIL-0112-008001037986


Annual Subscription is due on 1st January each year. In the case of any member enrolled after the first day of September in any year one-half the annual fee shall be payable by him/her in respect of the year.

Apply for Membership:

To apply for Marketing Association of Pakistan’s membership, kindly download the the attached application form. The application will be processed and if approved, you will receive further details.