Marketing Association of Pakistan


Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) was founded in the year 1967 as a prestigious forum for the professional marketers. Besides individual members, almost every large multi-national and national organization has a MAP membership. The Association also has it Chapter in Lahore. MAP has about 1,000 individual and 100 institutional members.


The objectives of this Association can be summarized as follows:

  1. To improve and develop the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged or about to be engaged in the profession of marketing.
  2. To promote the study of all such branches knowledge relevant to the profession of marketing.
  3. To promote the growth of a cadre of professional marketing managers in Pakistan.
  4. To promote to management a scientific approach towards marketing.
  5. To provide facilities for the study of and enquire and research into marketing problems.
  6. To bring together persons interested in the science/art of marketing by such means as conferences and meetings.

This Association enjoys patronage from the Government of Pakistan and is represented on the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Commerce.

To disseminate knowledge and keep members informed of current market trends, MAP has been publishing a quarterly magazine titled as “MARKETING REVIEW” since 1981.


1 - SEMINARS: MAP is essentially an association of professional marketing executives and organizes seminars, symposiums and lectures from time to time with a direct aim of improving and updating marketing techniques. These seminars etc. are designed to provide greater knowledge and latest developments to persons engaged in the marketing field and allied disciplines.

2 - RESEARCH PUBLICATION: MAP contributes academically to the subject of marketing by arranging activities, which are published and used by persons and organizations concerned with and interested in marketing of products and services.

3- ARTICLES: MAP assists in producing, publishing and distributing articles, books, periodicals and journals for disseminating knowledge and information on marketing.

4 - LIAISON: MAP confers consults and maintains contact with persons, associations, societies and institutions having similar objectives as those of the association. On marketing it represents Pakistan internationally.

5 - PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS: MAP brings together persons interested and connected with marketing activities by arranging professional meeting each month.

6 - CPM EXAMINATION: The CPM (Certified Professional Marketer) is the formal endorsement of professional status for marketing professionals who have already attained a competent level of academic and practical understanding of marketing in the Asia-Pacific region.

This professional status is conferred by the APMF (Asia-Pacific Marketing Federation) and is endorsed by all the national bodies in the Asia-Pacific region. To obtain this professional status marketers are required to successfully complete the CPM qualifying examinations and posses at least 5 years of practical marketing experience in any of the Asia-Pacific countries.

Subjects on offer are:

Subject Code        Subject

CPM001                Marketing Research
CPM002                Marketing Communications
CPM003                Marketing Strategy
CPM004                Asia-Pacific Business
CPM005                Asia-Pacific Marketing Management

The CPM (Asia-Pacific) Qualifying Examination in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Marketing Federation is conducting twice a year (March & September)


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