Become a Member

Individual Member:

Member shall be those who are actively engaged in the profession or occupation ancillary to or connected there with.

  • Joining Fee Rs. 1000/=
  • Annual Fee Rs. 5000/=
  • Total Rs. 6000/=
Life Individual Member:

He / She should be an Individual member of MAP. The Council will invite the active members for Life Membership.

Institutional Member:

Institutional Members shall be firms, companies associations, institutions or other bodies which may be admitted as such by the Council. The Member Institution shall nominate a representative and an alternate representative and only one of them shall be entitled to represent the institution at General Body and / or Council.

  • Joining Fee Rs. 12,000/=
  • Annual Fee Rs. 15,000/=
  • Total Rs. 27,000/=
Life Institutional Member:

It should be an Institutional member of MAP. The Council will invite the active members for Life Institutional Membership.

Student Members:

Student Membership shall also be open as a special case, as non-voting members, to students of marketing profession only for such period as they continue to be students. Academic reference is mandatory.

  • Annual Fee Rs. 2,500/=
Honorary Members:

Persons prominent in the field of marketing and invited by the Council to become Honorary Members.


Annual Subscription is due on 1st January each year. In the case of any member enrolled after the first day of September in any year one-half the annual fee shall be payable by him/her in respect of the year.

Apply for Membership:

To apply for Marketing Association of Pakistan’s membership, kindly download the the attached application form. The application will be processed and if approved, you will receive further details.